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Welcome to the Nor-Cal Musicians Collective, we offer a multitude of services and opportunities but don't believe us! Read from our many inspiring Testimonials to see what it means to be a part of NCMC

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We love music, but we also love giving back to our community. NCMC specializes in bringing music back to the schools which in turn provides a fruitful music scene for the generations that will come after us! Our donations, monthly member fees, and revenue from events goes directly into the schools to build robust and well funded music programs for our children.


Are you a small artist looking for 
your first big break? Maybe you are a musician looking for people to help promote your music? Anything you need we are here for you! we love to help musicians find their footing on their musical journeys! Sign up to become a member to browse through our many artist profiles, from there the possibilities are endless. Connect with other musicians, find gigs in your local area, promote your new music, the list goes on and on. did we mention we specialize in fast tracking the production of your music? check out our testimonials to see how we've helped fellow musicians like you rise to the top!

Getting your foot in the door is extremely important in the music industry, nobody else understands this quite like us. we are always looking for new and diverse talent to help promote! our members have had opportunities to play with some of the biggest artist on the scenes not to mention acquiring life long connections that propel a career into the lime light. Interested in getting into the music industry but you aren't a performing artist? No problem, go to our testimonials page to see our connections with recording engineers, promoters, venue owners, and many more!